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Brief History of Department:

The Department of English and Modern European Languages, established in 1921, is a major research, post-graduate and under-graduate department of the University of Lucknow. From 1921 to 1926, the Department was headed by British Professors. In 1926, Professor N.K. Sidhanta took over as the Head of the Department and left it in 1951 to become Secretary of the Radhkrishnan Commission- the first Commission on Education constituted in post independent India. He went on to become Vice Chancellor of the University of Calcutta, University of Delhi and Member Union Public Service Commission.

The Department has a rich tradition of high-level teaching and research which continues even today. The undergraduate and postgraduate courses are revised and updated every three years. Over 200 research scholars have received their Doctorate degrees from the Department on different aspects of English Language and Literature. The Department has been working towards enriching and strengthening literary and language studies by teaching and guiding research in areas as diverse as British Literature, English Language Teaching, Stylistics and Discourse Analysis, American Literature, Contemporary Literature, New Literatures in English, Literature and Films, Australian Literature, Canadian Literature, Colonial and Post Colonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Literatures in Translation, Comparative Literature, Drama, Theatre Studies, Translation Studies, Cultural Studies and Creative Writing. Innovative courses relevant for the student community, to enhance their employability, and also courses for general users of English have been developed as Add on Courses in collaboration with professionals, academics and other stakeholders. The Department also offers Advanced Diploma, Diploma and Proficiency courses in Russian, German and French.

The Department has many firsts to its credit. In the 1960s the study of Linguistics with special reference to English was introduced in the M.A. English Course and the first Language Lab with four booths was set up- thus initiating the concept of Language Labs in English Departments across the country. American Literature as a part of the Post Graduate Course was also introduced in the same decade. This year in 2014 the Department will be the first in North India to launch an Interdisciplinary American Studies Course as an Add on Course. The Department always strives to cater to the regional aspirations of the people and bring Regional/ Cultural Studies centre stage in the academia, internationally. It is always our endeavour to evolve more effective and culture specific innovative pedagogy for classroom teaching to cater to the large numbers and multilayered complexion of the classes. As a quality sustenance measure we have developed globally competent value added components, which are ICT enabled, to the new Add on Courses designed for the students of the University. The fifty year old English Literary Society provides a platform for students to participate in Dramatics, Debates, Creative Writing, music, dance and other academic activities.

The Department is recognized under the State Governments Centre of Excellence Scheme and has set up a Centre for Cultural Texts, Records and Translation of Indian Literatures. This is the first Inter-Department Centre in the University working in collaboration with other Departments of the Faculty of Arts (Hindi, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Linguistics, Urdu, Oriental Studies in Persian/Arabic/ Sanskrit). The Department is the first in the University to offer paid Consultancy developing and designing need based courses for national and international organizations /institutions/ agencies.

Many members of the faculty have been recipients of the Fulbright, Indo-Canadian, Commonwealth and other International scholarships and national level awards and have published widely in national and international journals.

Prof. Nishi Pandey the present Head of the Department received the Saraswati Samman 2013 from the Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh for her academic/research achievements and contribution to Higher Education.

Many prominent scholars like Prof. N.K. Siddhant, Prof. A.V. Rao (Vice Chancellor of University of Lucknow for two terms), Prof. Ramesh Mohan( Vice Chancellor, EFLU), Prof. D.D. Sharma, Prof. Raj Bisaria and many others have been associated with this department. The renowned writer Ahmed Ali studied and taught in this department in the 1930s and the 1940s. The long list of distinguished alumni includes-

Swami Chinmayananda- International Spiritual Leader
Attia Hosain- Author (Indian Writing in English)
Qurratulain Haider- Author (Indian Writing in English)
Raghuvir Sahai- Hindi Poet (Former Editor- Dinmaan)
Kunwar Narain- Hindi Poet (Gyanpeeth Awardee)
Ramesh Mohan- Vice Chancellor (University of Meerut and EFLU, Hyderabad)
Raj Bisaria- Theatre Pioneer (Padmashree Awardee)
Sabra Habib -Emeritus Professor of Russian, University of Lucknow (Pushkin Awardee)
Atul Singh- IPS, Entrepreneur (Founder Editor in Chief, Fair Observer, Washington, Radhakrishnan Scholarship holder at Oxford University)
Deepti Bhatnagar- Professor (IIM, Ahmedabad)
Meenakshi Chaturvedi- Professor (IIM, Ahmedabad)
Neerja Pandey- Professor (IIM, Lucknow and Director Jaypee Business School)
Prakash Gupta- IAS
Shammi Abidi- IAS
Yoshita Singh- Journalist (Chief Correspondent for PTI, New York)


Thirteen Major/ Minor Research Projects have been completed by the Department and one UGC and one State Government Project are in progress.


Drama/ Theatre/ Film Studies

English Language Teaching

Literatures in English

Literatures in Translation

Cultural and Translation Studies

NOTE: For specializations of Individual Faculty listed under “Faculty” section.


List of Faculties




Scenes from Shakespeare. New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers, 2011.

Gems of Short Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2011.

Eternal Rhythms: An Anthology of British, American and Indian-English Poetry. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Selected Essays: An Anthology of English Essays for Undergraduate Students. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2013.



D.Litt. (English)
Ph.D. (English)
M.Phil. (English)
M.A. (English)
M.A. (Russian)
M.A. (French)
B.A. (English)
B.A. (Hons.) (English)
B.A. (French)
***Advanced Diploma in French
***Advanced Diploma in Russian
***Advanced Diploma in German
*Diploma of Proficiency in French
*Diploma in Russian
*Diploma in German
Certificate of Proficiency in French (Regular & Self Financed)
Certificate of Proficiency in Russian
Certificate of Proficiency in German



Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses are of one year duration.
*Certificate of Proficiency in French or Russian or German is required for admission to the Diploma Course in French or Russian or German.
*** For admission to the Advanced Diploma Course in French or Russian or German it is required that you have done a Certificate and Diploma Course in French or Russian or German.



Certificate Course for Proficiency in English Language
Certificate Course in Journalism in English
Certificate Course in Creative Writing in English
Certificate Course for Proficiency in Professional Communication
Certificate Course in Theatre and Film Studies
Certificate Course in Soft Skills & Personality Development
Certificate Course in American Studies
Diploma Course in American Studies



These are Self Financed Courses involving 300 hours of teaching as per UGC Guidelines.
Students pursuing any degree in the University/ Associated Colleges can enroll for any one course at a time.
There is no bar on the number of add on courses a student can take during his/her study period at the University/ Associated Colleges.
Persons with Class XII Certification who are not enrolled in the University for a regular course can also join the course.
Add on Courses will run throughout the year and even during vacations.




Setup in the Department of English and Modern European Languages under Centre for Excellence Scheme of Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh. The Centre collaborates with the Languages and Literature Departments of the University of Lucknow and Other Universities of the State (Department of Hindi and Modern Indian Languages, Department of Urdu, Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages, Department of Arabic, Department of Persian, Department of Linguistics, Department of Oriental Studies in Sanskrit, Department of Oriental Studies in Arabic and Persian) to:


Build an archive of Indian Bhasha Literatures in Translation from the State of UP.
Ready a pool of Bhasha Resource Persons and Translators.
Launch a website / portal in Indian Bhasha Literatures in Translation.
Set up an Audiovisual Resource and Digital Archive Centre for Cultural Texts and Indian Literatures in Translation.
Develop a Self-Financing Job oriented course in Translation with active student involvement in Translation work.
Conduct Workshops and Training Programmes.





All India Workshop for Implementation of American Studies Curriculum: Pedagogy for Course Content Delivery organized by the Department of English and Modern European Languages, University of Lucknow and Public Affairs Section, American Embassy, New Delhi, Dec 18-21 2013.

Prof. Walter Russell Mead, an eminent Professor of Foreign Affairs & Humanities visited India on the invitation by the Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy, New Delhi. Interface with students on “India and the United States- Grand Strategy in the Asia Pacific” on 30th August 2013.


IACLALS (Indian Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) Annual Conference 2013 on “The Post-Colonial and/in the Indian Languages” Organised from 7th-9th February 2013, funded by IACLALS and University of Lucknow.

Exhibition on Dickens Universe: Bicentenary Celebrations of Charles Dickens’ Life and Works Organized from 29th- 30th January 2013, funded by Department of English and Modern European Languages.


Interdisciplinary American Studies Pedagogy Workshop on ‘Pedagogy for Delivery of an Interdisciplinary American Studies Course’ – a collaborative Project of the Department  of  English  & Modern European Languages, Public Affairs Section of the American Embassy, New Delhi & California State University, Longbeach, USA, 2nd -8th  April 2012 funded by the UP State Government and California University Longbeach, U.S.A.

Interface with author- Ruth Vanita on Gender, Sex and the City: Urdu Rekhti Poetry in India, 1780-1870 with Salim Kidwai, Art Historian on 30th March 2012.


Interface with British Novelist Qaisra Shahraz on The Holy Woman in 2012.

Interface with Salim Arif (Director) and Lubna Salim (Actress) on Campaign Red and Ladakh International Film Festival, 2012.


A Lecture on ‘Interdisciplinary Research: Teacher Education Programme Student Learning Outcomes’ by Prof Tim Keirn, Longbeach State University, California, 2012.

Birth Centenary Conference on Ahmed Ali, Progressive Writers and Bilingual Creativity (International) organized in association with Sahitya Akademi, IACLALS (Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies) from 10-12 February 2011, funded by Sahitya Akademi.


Senior Academicians Interdisciplinary American Studies Curriculum Development Workshop- a collaborative Project of the UGC-ASC, Department  of  English  & Modern European Languages and sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Section of the American Embassy, New Delhi, organized from 29th-31st August, 2010. Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin from Stanford University participated as the American Studies Expert.

Special Open Lecture by Prof. Shelley Fisher Fishkin from Stanford University on “Transnational Twain, held on 30th August, 2010.


Workshop on Multiculturalism in the Age of Globalization by Dr. Gary Weaver, American University, Washington DC, U.S.A, August 10, 2009, funded by Department of State Public Affairs Section of the American Embassy, New Delhi.

National Seminar on SAARC Literatures in English (Feb 18-19, 2009).


National Seminar on Literature and Identity (Feb.16, 2008)

National Seminar on Marginality and Post colonialism (Oct 17-18, 2007)


First International Workshop-cum –Seminar on Technical Communication & ELT (Feb 27-28, 2006)

Organized five Refresher Courses in the past five years at the UGC Academic Staff College.


Beyond syllabus scholarly activities-

Students and Faculty support and participate in activities of various NGOs working in the areas of environment, literacy, health, rehabilitation of street children, cleaning of the Gomti river, research on differently abled children, women empowerment, preservation of cultural heritage- for awareness creation, fund raising, donations, voluntary work. Some of the prominent NGOs are EHSAAS, PYSSUM, UTSAAH, SURAKSHA, SEWA, LOK ADHIKAR MANCH, NATYAGRAAM, CHILDLINE, INDIA LITERACY BOARD.

Many Faculty members are Founding Chairpersons of NGOs or Founding members serving on Management Committees. Prof. Nishi Pandey is the Honorary Chairperson of the Government of India funded State Resource Centre for Adult Literacy and founder Chairperson of NATYAGRAM & NGO UTSAAH. Prof. Ranu Uniyal is the Founding Member of PYSSUM, a center for individuals with special needs. 

Undergraduate Students are N.S.S Volunteers and N.C.C cadets.

Highly qualified Faculty members render their services at State and National level Universities and Colleges for-designing courses, curriculum development, paper setting and evaluation, delivering lectures, collaborative teaching, judging literary and cultural events and organizing International and National seminars and conferences.

Faculty members serve as Chairpersons/members/experts on Selection Committees, Academic Councils, UGC Review Committees, NAAC Peer Teams, UPSC and IIM Examination Committees and Board of Studies.

Organize Open Guest Lectures/ Interface with prominent Personalities and Academicians.

Conduct Film Appreciation Courses for students.

Students organize author/ theme based Exhibitions, Quizzes, Literary and cultural Festivals and Presentations.

Creative Writing by students and its publication through the Departmental English Literary Society.

Special sessions incorporated in the time-table for introduction/ use of Computers , Inflibnet and Central Library facilities.

Visits to Institutes of Higher Learning e.g. Giri Institute of Social Sciences, IIMs etc.

Group visits to Theatre/ Film and Cultural Festivals organized in the city.

Participation of students in Inter-college and Inter-university festivals.



Teaching methods adopted by the faculty for different programmes

A teacher’s instructive strategy is governed by- Pupil’s background, knowledge and experience, situation and environment as well as learning goals set by the student and the teacher. We aspire to keep the teaching student centered.

Direct Teaching

Cooperative Learning

Lecture Method (Chalk and Talk)

One to One Discussion


Computer Based Teaching and PowerPoint Presentations

Electronic Texts/ Wall Magazines


Case Studies

Role Playing/ Theatrical Presentations



Guest Speakers

Book Critiques


Persuasive Essay Assignments

Collaborative/ Interdisciplinary Teaching (a group of Faculty members drawn from various Disciplines)

Different strategies are used in different combination with different groupings of students to improve Learning Outcomes.

Supplementary Material like Handouts

Films/ Videos


Scenes from Shakespeare. New Delhi: Macmillan Publishers, 2011.

Gems of Short Fiction: An Anthology of Short Stories. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2011.

Eternal Rhythms: An Anthology of British, American and Indian-English Poetry. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2012.

Selected Essays: An Anthology of English Essays for Undergraduate Students. New Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2013.


Consultation extended to the British High Commisssion through designing a need-based   Immersion Program of Four-week duration (30 Hours of Hindi Language Teaching, 15 Hours of Orientation in Indian Culture) for British diplomats being posted to India.


Developing a Course in India Studies and the other on Multiculturalism to be taught through Virtual Learning Mode in collaboration with California State University Longbeach, U.S.A.


Poster Show-“PICTURING AMERICA” on Dec 19-20, 2013, inaugurated by Prof. SB Nimsey, Vice Chancellor, University of Lucknow and Mr. Joshua W. Polacheck, Cultural Attache- North India, American Embassy, New Delhi. The exhibit showcased pieces that shaped the cultural, political and historical threads that were woven into the nation’s fabric over time. The images were categorized into themes of leadership, freedom and equality, democracy, courage, landscapes, creativity and ingenuity.  Each image provided a background of the artist’s bio and the inspiration behind it, and how it shaped the country.

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