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Computer Center

Establishment of Lucknow University Computer Centre by U.G.C.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development sanction a proposed submitted by University Grants Commission to establish a "B Level" Computer Centre in Lucknow University in February 1986. The UGC sanctioned budget for site preparation of Computer Centre and to purchase Computer systems (Hardware). A site was prepared for Computer Centre and systems were purchased. The Computer Centre of Lucknow University completed the construction of Building, site preparation within a period of two years. The Computer Centre was inaugurated on 14th November 1989.


The basic aim for establishment of Computer Centre was to familiarize Teachers, Research Scholars and staff of the University with the concept of Computer, their working, impart the skills involved in the use of common software packages, knowledge of programming in different Computer Languages and to include capability of independent management of computer systems.

Academic Activities of Computer Centre

In the beginning. Computer Centre designed a short term 6 week training programme (Orientation course in Computer usages" for the staff, students and teachers of the University. It became popular amongst the interested people of campus. All Dean of Faculties and HOD's and the teachers were directly benefited with this training programme. All the participants of this course got access on computer regularly throughout the training programme.

Preparation of L.U. Result

After establishment of Computer Centre and appointment of requisite staff, the Centre prepare the complete result of LL.B. & B.Com in 1992 including the total data entry, computing the result, preparation of tabulation chart, processing of final result & printing of Mark sheet.

On the successful processing of above result, the Computer Centre was given the responsibility of preparation of total U.G. and P.G. result of L.U. as well as the results of various departmental exam and self financing programmes.

Internet Facility

Computer Centre is providing Internet facility to all departments of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Education, Tagore Library, Co-operative Lending Library, V.C. Office and Residence, Registrar Office, Account Office and various other departments of University through directly to their own access/Computers.

Intercom Facility

Computer Centre has established and EPABX Exchange to provide intercom telephone facility to all the offices of L.U. as well as the various departments situated in L.U. campus including the offices of the Deans, HOD's, Libraries, Examination, Accounts, Establishment, Dispensary Guest house, Proctor & all the utility services concerned.

L.U. EPABX Exchange provides more than 250 intercom connection holders this facility since 2002 and working smoothly till date.

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