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National Cadet Corps (NCC)

National Cadet Corps is a Tri-Services Organization , comprising the Army, Navy and Air Force, engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. It has completed 60 glorious years in the service of the nation. The former NCC Cadets of Lucknow University hold very high offices and have excelled in every nation building endeavour.

In the inter-university NCC activities, L.U. records reached new heights when the Cadets of Lucknow University successfully participated and won several medals and trophies individually and collectively.

L.U. has the Army and Naval wings of NCC and the activities are conducted under the supervision of Associated NCC Officers with Major. Dr. Sunjay Gupta (Pol. Science), Capt. Dr. Rajesh K. Shukla  (Physics),  Lt. Dr. Kiran Dangwal (Education) and Lt. Dr. D.K. Singh (Social Work). There are about 400 Cadets in Army wing 63 BN and 64 BN and 55 Cadets in Navy wing. After successful completion of training course, these Cadets are awarded 'B' and 'C certificates.

The Cadets of both wings have successfully participated in (a) annual training camps (b) D.G organised camps conducted by U.P Directorate (c) D.G. organised camps conducted by office Directorates (d) Trekking Expeditions (e) Boat pulling and sailing expenditrues (f) Attachment with Army Navy and Air (g) Republic Day Camp.

Lt. Dr. D.K. Singh (Social Work) is associated with the Navy wing of NCC and Lt. Dr. Sunjay Gupta (Pol. Science), Lt. Dr. Rajesh K. Shukla (Physics),  Lt. Dr. Kiran Dangwal (Education) 64 BN and 63 BN respectively.

Associated NCC Officers of Lucknow University

S.N. Name of the NCC Officer Department Wing
1 Major. Dr. Sunjay Gupta   Pol. Science Army
2 Capt. Dr. Rajesh K. Shukla Physics Army
3 Lt. Dr. Kiran Dangwal Education Army
4 Sub Lt. Dr. D.K. Singh Social Work Navy
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National Service Scheme (NSS)

Lucknow University has one of the 37 Universities in India, where the NSS was launched in 1969, the Birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. L.U. NSS started its career in 1970-71 with involvement of 1400 students. Now it has more than 15.000 NSS volunteers. It has about 115 trained programme officers. The scheme being operative in University of Lucknow spreads to 32 degree colleges affiliated to the University. The main activities of the scheme include the programmes related to:

  • National Harmony
  • Adoption of villages and slums for cleanliness and literacy drives
  • Environmental conservation
  • AIDS Awareness programme
  • Health and Immunization/Participation in pulse polio drive.
  • Organisation of Exhibitions.
  • Winter Relief/Cold relief/Flood Relief
  • Training of Programme Officers.
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