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Planning and Development Board

The planning & development Board, Lucknow University came into existence in year1999. The main features of this unit of Lucknow University is to plan about the general development of University in terms of development of better infrastructure facilities viz. building, equipments and Books & Journals etc. University Grant Commission (UGC) is, now a days, really doing commendable job through generous grants to Universities particularly Lucknow University because of its established reputation, (twenty first (21)rank among top 25 Universities in India) in terms of quality education & high standard of researches (h- index- 30), To mention a few, we have implemented the syllabus of UGC at undergraduate level and we are the first introduce semester system at PG level in which we have adopted UGC syllabus with minor modifications. At present our PG student are selected in jobs through campus selection. Even this year companies such as Reliance Power are coming for the campus selection for our undergraduate students. To acclaim that, we impart best education to UG & PG Students in “Northern India” will not be out of place. On research front we are doing still better publishing our quality researches in journals viz. American Chemical Society, Dalton Trans., Chem. Eur. Journal, J. Organomet. Chem., Polyhedron, J. Mol .Struct., Med. Chem. Res., Heterocyclic Commun., Natural Prod. Res., Inorg. Chem. Commun., Spectrochimica Acta, J. Appl. Biosci., J. Chem. Kinet. and Ind. J. Chem. which have good impact factors. The grant received by UGC under the heads

  • Development
  • Equipment
  • Books & Journals

are managed by the planning & development Board through Registrar & finance officer Lucknow University.

Prof. R.K. Mishra, Biochemistry Department, Lucknow University is the  Director, Planning and Development Board, Lucknow University.

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