Habibullah Hall

Habibullah Hall with its massive structure and historical architecture, provides a very good ambience for the students to live in and prepare for their future. It was named after Honorable Vice Chancellor of the University of Lucknow, Prof. S.M.  Habibullah (1938-41). The scenic beauty of the hall and its surroundings is extremely attractive due to which it is the most preferred halls for the students of the university.

The strength of the hall lies with facilities available for the residents, natural greenery and spacious surroundings. Boys take their meals in a central mess which situated nearby. Within the hall there are water coolers with  RO, a common room with indoor games and a TV for entertainment. Playgrounds with all sports facilities like volley ball, badminton and cricket are available for the residents. More than ten employees are involved in maintaining the hall and its premises. Major administrative role played by the Dean of Students Welfare, Chief Provost, Proctor, Provost and Assistant Provost to look after the residents and their issues related to hall life.

Habibullah Hall celebrates National Festivals like Independence Day and Republic Day. From time to time different activity like ‘Swachhta Abhiyaan’, sports and cultural activities are organized by the residents under the guidance of hall authorities. There are student volunteers and representatives of the hall nominated each year to support the hall authorities for better functioning of the hall. Habibullah remains an important part of the journey of all the residents during their university days.

Provost Dr. Saroj Kumar Dhal
Department of Sociology
University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007
Mobile: 9810825952
Email: sarojdse@gmail.com
Assistant Provost Dr. Amit Kushwaha
Department of Political Science
University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007
Mobile: 9811417640
Email: amitkushjnu@gmail.com