Major Research Areas in Faculty of Arts

  1. The Department of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology has conducted research related to the study of ancient sites and monuments in UP, village to village explorations and excavations to determine cultural sequence, antiquity, and settlement pattern, Paleo environment and other relevant aspects related to ancient culture of UP. Study of ancient Indian coins particularly housed in the museums, study of various aspects related to influences and interactions between ancient India, Central Asia and South East Asia, ancient polity, administration and good governance. 
  2. The Department of Anthropology has major thrust areas including Socio Cultural Anthropology (Ethnographic Researches, Peasant Society studies, Tribal & Rural Development, Mass Media, Visual Anthropology and Museumology, Linguistic and Economic Anthropology), Physical and Biological Anthropology (Evolutionary Anthropology, Anthropometric Variations, Dermatoglyphics, Serology, Genetic Diversity of Mankind in India, Physical Growth & Nutrition, Reproductive and Child Health), Medical Anthropology (Indigenous Healthcare System, Tribal and ethno Medicine, Anthropo-therapy, Epidemiology, Medical Pluralism, ), Forensic Science (Forensic Anthropology, Fingerprint and Document Examination, Forensic Photography, Forensic Biology and Serological studies, Facial Reconstruction, Biometrics, etc), and Human Ecology and Development (Human Ecosystems, Climatic Change, Rural and Urban Planning, Disease Ecology, Population Structure, Agriculture Research).  
  3. The Department of Economics is involved in research on Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Economics of Environment and Sustainable Development, Banking and Finance Sector, International Economics and Trade, Public Finance, Development Economics, Econometrics and its application, Mathematical Economics, Industrial Economics, Labour Economics, Planning and Development, Demography and Gender Economics, Economics of Social Sector and Economics of Uttar Pradesh. 
  4. The Department of English and Modern European Languages in exception of being involved in English Language teaching is also involved in Stylistics and Discourse Analysis, analysis of American, Canadian, Colonial and Post Colonial literature, Theatre studies, Translation and Cultural studies. 
  5. The Department of Geography focuses on Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS) and statistical softwares. Special attention is paid to the theoretical and practical aspects in curricular design that make the students familiar with modern technological skills and devices for research. 
  6. The Department of Hindi focuses on researches related to  िहीसािह(आिदकाल से अ तन) ,िह ी भाषा (उ व एवं िवकास, िविभ प, मह ),  योजनमूलक िह ी I 
  7. Department of Jyotirvigyan is engaged in research on Siddhant Jyotish (Indian Astronomy), Samhita Jyotish (Medini Jyotish), Hora Jyotish (Jatak) and Vastu Shastra along with practical application of a Vedhashala (Observatory) based on traditional Vedic Astronomy. 
  8. The Department of Linguistics is involved in researches on Theoretical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics,Tribal Linguistics, Language Teaching, Neurolinguistics,Translation, Documentation, Generative Syntax, Phonology, Comparative Dravidian and Theoretical Linguistics. 
  9. The Department of Library and Information Science lays thrust on Bibliometrics, Knowledge information and communication and Library classification.
  10. The Department of Medieval and Modern Indian History has conducted research related Political History of India, Administrative, Social, Economic and Cultural History of India
  11. The Department of Oriental Studies in Arabic and Persian is involved in research on Pre-Islamic Arabian literature & culture, Indo-Arab literature & culture, Umayyad & Abbasid period: its literature & culture, Modern Arabic literature & culture, Andalusian Arabic literature & culture, Modern Arab history and problems. Indo-Arab relations: Ancient & Modern, Islamic philosophy: Mysticism, Muslim Arts & Architectures, Muslim history and contemporary issues of Arabia. 
  12. The Department of Western History is involved in research related to American History, Indians Abroad, Foreign Policy of India and others, Colonialism and Nationalism, Penal Settlement and Criminal Justice, Western Historiography
  13. The Department of Persian focuses on Modern Persian literature, Development of Persian Literature in Awadh, Persian Tazkira writing in India, Persian Lexicography, Travelogues, Sufistic literature and Manuscriptology. 
  14. The Department of Philosophy is known for analytical studies in various disciplines of philosophy. Department also focuses on textual studies in selected classics of eastern and western philosophy. 
  15. The Department of Political Science focuses on International relations/organizations, Area/Regional politics, Western and Indian political philosophy, Indian constitution, State politics, Indian administration, Comparative governments and Indian political thought.
  16. The Department of Public Administration focuses on a) Administrative Ethics - Factors influencing decision making, Issues of Public Office, Administrative corruption b) Accountability, Relationship between politician and civil servants, Citizen and Administrator’s relationship c) Decentralized Governance, Performance evaluation of PRIs, Need for any structural functional changes d) Civil services and the public delivery system, Role of civil services in public delivery system, Performance assessment of public delivery system. 
  17. The Department of Psychology is keen to develop action oriented research programmes for enhancing the well being of community at large. The research projects deal with issues of multidisciplinary interest particularly focusing on people experiencing social exclusion. Current thrust areas are issues related to Mental Health, Stress, Spirituality, Emotional Regulation, Organisational Commitment, Coping Strategies, Problems of Marginalised Groups, people with alternative life style (MSM, FSW, Transgender), Elderly, Challenged Groups Besides action researches for improving well being with inputs on Counselling, Positive living, Happiness and Quality of Life etc. are also being taken up especially within a qualitative framework. 
  18. The Department of Sanskrit and Prakritk Languages focuses on Vedic studies, Sanskrit literature and poetics, Pali Prakrit literature. The Abhinavagupta Institute of Aesthetics and Shaiva Philosophy  promotes advance research in the field of Shaiva Philosophy of Kashmir. It is considered the most advanced thinking in the field of Indian Philosophy. Abhinavagupta is the chief exponent of this system. It also tries to explore the Abhinavan view on Indian Aesthetics. This is discussed as applied metaphysics. Besides this, the comparison of western and Indian theories of Aesthetics is also a focus of research. 
  19. The Department of Social work focuseson research in the field of Government's social welfare sector, in public and private sector of industry, in social work academics and in other allied professions. The faculty are involved in various areas like gender issues, government schemes like MGNREGA, National Health Mission evaluation, Sanitation, Health and hygiene issues, Community awareness, higher education, Occupational transformation
  20. The Department of Sociology is actively engaged in research on Role of Tradition, Modernity & Globalization in India; Dimensions of Gender Inequality, Politics & Society in India, Weaker Sections, Development & Change. The department is also actively taking up new research projects related to Rural Development, Urban issues and Marginalized sections of society.