Major Research Areas in Faculty of Commerce

The Faculty of Commerce and Institute of Management Sciences conduct research in both pure and applied areas of commerce and business including international trade encompassing broad issues of marketing, finance, accounts, entrepreneurship, environment, human resource, taxation and economy. Periodically, areas of research are identified to reflect, fulfil and respond to the gaps created by rapidly changing business environment. The topics cut across various disciples giving opportunity for inter-disciplinary research. The Faculty attempts to influence policies and practices as well as disseminate knowledge for the benefit of various stakeholders of society.  The canvas of research is enlarged to include doctoral and post-doctoral students.  The focus areas of research in the recent past include the following:
  1.  Consumer Behaviour in Online and Off-line Platforms, Retail Business, Marketing Communication, Service Quality, Digital Marketing, Consumer Ethnocentrism, CRM.
  2. Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Green and Organic Products.
  3. Global Financial System, Financial Derivatives and Risk Management, Strategic Finance, Financial Economics.
  4. Advanced Economic Analysis, Monetary Theory & Practice, Transport Economics and Logistics, Quantitative Techniques for Economic Analysis, Demographic and Population Studies.
  5. Employee Empowerment, Leadership, Conflict, Employer Branding, Green HRM, Emotional Intelligence, Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Ethics.
  6. Foreign Trade Policy Procedures & Documentation, International Trade & Banking, International Logistics, FDI.
  7. Small Business & Entrepreneurial Skills, Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Banking, Insurance.
  8. Data Mining, Soft Computing, Cloud Computing.