Major Research Areas in Faculty of Engineering and Technology

The newly established Faculty of Engineering is much focused and understands the importance and responsibility of its research contribution to local community, nation and the global society in general. The main objective of the researchers in various departments is to anticipate and provide solutions to various challenges confronting the society and thereby, transform human lives. With this goal in mind, the faculty members seeks to investigate into those areas that are of paramount importance to various stakeholders of society such as security, environment, energy, manufacturing, communication, new material discovery, infrastructure, monitoring, preventive and adaptive systems and any other emerging issue of concern. Currently, the departments are engaged in the following areas of research:
  1. Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering: Analog signal processing, wireless communication system, signal and image processing
  2. Department of Mechanical Engineering: Sustainable development, supply chain management, industrial engineering, polymer welding, solid mechanics, thermal engineering
  3. Department of Electrical Engineering: Renewable energy resources, power electronics and drives, power system and protection transformer protection, artificial intelligence techniques
  4. Department of Computer Science and Engineering: Fuzzy logic, software engineering, data image visualization and processing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, human computer interaction
  5. Department of Civil Engineering: industrial waste management, construction material, concrete technology, water treatment, supply enhancing technologies, green building strategies
  6. Department of Applied Science and Humanities: Nuclear physics, theoretical physics, nanotechnology, natural product chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, queuing theory and fuzzy linear programming, mathematical biology and ecology, epidemiology, modeling of environmental pollution