IPPR (Information Publication and Public Relation)

The Centre for Information, Publication and Public Relations (IPPR) was established in the year 1996 under the leadership of then Vice Chancellor Prof. SP Singh. With Prof. Anil K Srivastav from the Department of Statistics as its first Director and Prof.Chitralekha Verma from the Department of Anthropology as a team member, the Centre took the responsibility of being the University of Lucknow's official mouthpiece and also published a few historic editions of a campus-based newsletter called the Campus Reporter.

  • Other than being the official spokesperson of the University, the responsibilities of Director and office of IPPR now include:
  • Lliaising between the University and journalists for authentic and credible representation of the institute
  •  issuing press releases from the office regarding events, admission and student related important announcements, achievements of the student/faculty community, etc. 
  • Curation of news items published in leading dailies everyday and maintenance of record (online and offline)

Publication of any and all official information of the University (e.g. annual report, directory, invitations for Convocation Program, progress report, etc.)

  • Dr Durgesh Kumar Srivastava
    Mobile - 9450411622
    Email - ipprlu2020@gmail.com
  • Dr Abhinav Kumar
    Additional Director
    Mobile - 9451891030
  • Ms Madri
    Deputy Director
    Mobile - 9971831787