Research Publications in Faculty of Education

S.No. Title of paper Name of the author/s Name of journal Year of publication
Teachers beliefs towards the inclusion of mentally challenged students: A study S Gupta, A Bajpai Journal of Education and Development 9(17), 276-287 2019
Policies and Reality:Inclusive Education in India A Bajpai Think India Journal 22(14) 2019
Technology incorporated Lesson Plan: Paradigm shift
 from monotonous to captivating teaching of Science
A Rawat, K Dangwal Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal,
9(1), 212-218
Empowering students with higher order thinking skills through Bloom's digital taxonomy   K Dangwal, A Rawat University News, 57(41), 21-27 2019
Web-based Education: History and Scope in India D Mishra, K Dangwal Journal of the Gujarat Research Society, 21(5), 461-467 2019
Vishwavidyalay Anudan Ayog dwara chayan adharit
credit Pranali per diye gaye disha nirdesho ka ek
aalochnatmak Addhayan
D Kumari, A Godbole Shiksha Sodh Manthan 2018
Wellbeing and Mental Health after Retirement: Issues and Concerns K Dangwal, M Srivastava  AD Valorem, 5(4), 33-43 2018
Social Pressures Through Online Socialization Among Youth  M Srivastava, K Dangwal International Journal of Advanced and Innovative
Research, 5(4), 34-48
Problems of elderly female K Dangwal Contemporary Social Work, 5(1), 57-63 2018
Stress management at family level K Dangwal Contemporary Social Work, 5(1), 19-32 2018
Teaching science with technology: fostering learner's participation A Rawat, K Dangwal Sanshodhan Chetna, 7(II), 63-71  2018
A study of Academic Stress in Undergraduate students of A Kumar  International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature 2018
A Study of emotional maturity in undergraduate students of working and non working mothers A Kumar Pratidhwani: the Echo 2018
Mental Haze in Adolescent with Hearing Impairment A Bajpai Shaikshik Parisamvad 7(2) 2017
Constructivism: A paradigm to revitalize teacher  K Dangwal International Journal of Applied Research  2017
Education K Dangwal International Journal of Scientific Research in Physics and Applied Sciences 5(5), 22-26  2017
Practicing E-Governance in Indian Higher Education: Great Accomplishment K Dangwal University news 2017
The study of Emotional-Maturity of Under Graduate Students in Relation to their Altruism,  A Kumar AED Journal of Educational Studies 2017
Gender, Caste Categories and Job Satisfaction A Kumar Saudi Journal of Business and Management Studies 2017
Caste categories and job satisfaction A Kumar South -Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies  2017
A Study of Nutritional status of Female Primary School Teachers A Bajpai Printing Area International Interdiisciplinary Research Journal 24(1) 2016
Ucchatar Madyamik Star ke Vidyarthiyon ki Yaun Shiksha ke prati Abhivratti : Ek Adhyan A Bajpai Bhartiya Shiksha Shodh Patrika 2016
Meta Data: An Important Gradient of Information Sciences—A Gateway to Knowledge Management & Economy  K Dangwal International Journal of Recent Researches in Science, Engineering & Technology IJRRSET  4(9) 2016
Internet and its increasing Users Base with a tiny focus of India: A Brief Study  K Dangwal Asian Review of Social Science, 5(2), 29-31   2016
Digital Pedagogy in Teacher Education  K Dangwal International Journal of Information Science and Computing 3(2) 2016
Woman’s criteria for the selection of head of the educational institution  A Kumar Recent Educational & Psychological Researches  2016
Cultural Intelligence, Conflict Resolution Ability and Secondary School Students A Kumar Contemporary Research in India, A Peer-Reviewed Multi- disciplinary 2016
Problems of Elderly in India and Educational Provisions A Kumar Vidyawarta 2016
Effect of Number of Family Members on the Self Concept and Altruism of Secondary School India Students A Kumar The Asian Man 2016
 Effect of Emotional Intelligence and Gender on Job Satisfaction of Primary School Teachers A Kumar European Journal of Educational Research 2016
 Effect of gender Geographical areas on self concept and altruism of Secondary School Students A Kumar International Organization of Scientific Research 2016
 Mother’s Education, Self concept and Altruism of Secondary school students A Kumar International journal of Education and Psychological Research 2016
 A study of Gender and self efficacy in reference of Cultural Intelligence of secondary school students A Kumar International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research 2016
Traditional believes and woman participation in educational institution A Kumar International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research Review 2016
Education For Sustainable Development through Class Room Teaching K Prajapati, A Godbole Human Development :Educational And Management Insights 2015
Madhyamik Vidyalay Ke Sikshako Ki Uttardeyta P Singh, A Godbole Bhartiya Siksha Sodh patrika 2015
 A study of relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Job satisfaction of Secondary School Teachers with specific focus on the rural and urban areas , Humanities and social sciences A Kumar Humanities and social sciences: Interdisciplinary approach 2015
A study of Self Concept of Senior Secondary Students A Kumar AED Journal of Educational Studies 2015
Dreams Come True: RTE is a Milestone in Child Education A Kumar Shiksha Shodh Manthan 2015