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About Happy Thinking Laboratory

There is a paradigm shift from misery studies to happiness studies. Recent western researches reveal that happy people see bright side of affairs, pray and directly struggle with problems. They are involved in goal activities which they value, nurture relationships and happiness can be increased by believing in a larger meaning or force in the universe.

Many western concepts lack experiential validity in Indian Culture; therefore, it is essential to have an indigenous approach to achieve happiness. This would help people to actualize their potentialities of being and becoming happy within the range of possibilities available in our culture i.e. eternal bliss or sustainable happiness.

In the blind race of modernization and westernization, people are missing their roots. They are trying to attain happiness in terms of luxuries, materialistic and embellished lives but as the saying goes, ‘All that glitters are not gold’; the galore of happiness vanishes very soon.

Young adulthood is the stage of life with immense possibilities of growth and lays the foundation of later adult role taking. Students have to understand the value of thoughts in creating their feelings, attitudes, actions, habits, personality and finally their destiny.


To empower the thoughts of youth to understand indigenous notion of happiness to build a world of peace, love and universal harmony by connecting science with spirituality.


  • To enable students to gain control over their thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  • To gain insights about the role of thoughts and choices in achieving happiness in life.
  • To create interest among youth about values and spirituality.
  • To motivate students for learning meditation and experiencing inner happiness and peace.
  • To gain insights on holistic development through scientific understanding of spirituality.


  • To provide a platform for students to reflect upon their thoughts about happiness.
  • To provide a place for learning meditation and spiritual concepts.
  • To create spiritual ambience for experiencing inner peace and overcome stress, anxiety and depression.
  • To impart skills of meditation to be a part of daily routine.
  • To provide a platform for research on spiritual dimensions of life.


Following courses are being floated by Psychology Department from the session 2020-21 onwards. Happy thinking laboratory would help students to clarify their thoughts, manage their stress level and negative emotions as well as experience peace and relaxation. This would facilitate classroom teaching.

Core / Value added / Elective / Interdepartmental / Intradepartmental courses / Project / Dissertation courses at PG (Psychology) and BA (Hons.) Psychology program

  • PSYCC-103 : Personality Growth: Approaches and Assessment (core course)
  • PSYVC- 101: Performance Anxiety Management (value added course)
  • PSYCC-201 :  Personality Growth in Indian Perspective (core course)
  • PSYCC-206:   Broadening Positive Emotions (core course)
  • PSYCC-301:   Positive Psychology: Human Strengths and Virtues (core course)
  • PSYEL-302B: Enhancing Life Skills (elective course)
  • PSYIER-301:  Self Enhancement for Personality Growth and Wellbeing (interdepartmental course)
  • PSYEL- 401A: Building Positive Environment through Counselling and Psychotherapy (elective course)
  • PSYEL- 401B :Successful Aging (elective course)
  • PSYEL-402A :Mental Health: Rehabilitation and Interventions. (elective course)
  • PSYMT-401 :  Master Thesis
  • PSYIRA- 401: Happiness for Positive Living (intradepartmental course)
  • PSY- 607: Project Undergraduate (BA Hons. Psychology)


  • Explaining the indigenous concepts to students/ visitors with the help of posters on mental cleanliness, spiritual safety kit, divine energy, spiritual amnesia etc. and positive slogans.
  • Workshops
  • Spiritual Practices (visualization, reflection, meditation, appreciation, creativity, listening)
  • Videos
  • Spiritual Games (Role plays)
  • Story Telling
  • Assessment apparatus and tools
    •  Karada Scan to measure body age, body mass index, and intake of oxygen
    • Bio-well GDV camera to assess energy field status, Aura Scan to measure human energy field, health status and chakra status and stress level
    • Biofeedback  device to measure stress level on five channels.
    • Psychological tests

Benefits of Happy Thinking Laboratory

  • Self enhancement through experience of peace and happiness.
  • Positive change in Personality.
  • Better relationships.
  • Freedom from stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Improvement in decision making and problem solving power.
  • Resilience building.
  • Opportunity to do research work.

Who can visit

Students, faculty members and non-teaching staff of any department of University of Lucknow and affiliated colleges on every Tuesday and Wednesday  from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

All others with prior appointment for personal counselling sessions.

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