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S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Vice Chancellor Office 0522-2740467
  Pro Vice Chancellor 9451388135
  Registrar  7991200503
Registrar Office 0522-2740412
Chief Proctor 7991200510 proctor
  Proctor Office 0522-2740401 proctor
Controller of Examination 7991200506
Controller of Examination Office 0522-2740880
Finance Officer 7991200501
Finance Officer's Office 0522-2740402
Director, Second Campus 7991205006
Chief Provost 9450931858
S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Dean, Faculty of Arts 9451388135
Dean, Faculty of Ayurved 9839829039
  Dean, Faculty of Commerce 7991200507
  Dean, Faculty of Education 7991200752
Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts 9450501500
  Dean, Faculty of Science 7991200644
  Dean, Faculty of Law 7991200580
  Dean, Faculty of Unani 8052142175
  Dean, Student's Welfare 7991200645
Dean, Academic Cell 9415956692
Dean, Recruitment and Assessment Cell 7007202674
Dean, Research Cell 9415277411
Dean, Admission Cell 9415423122
S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Head, Department of Ancient History And Archeology 9415820320
  Head, Department of Anthropology 9450561571
  Head, Department of Arabic 9453061943
  Head, Department of Defense Studies 9453020304
  Head, Department of Economics 9415393767
  Head, Department of English And Modern European Language 9236745594,
  Head, Department of Geography 9450411622
  Head, Department of Hindi And Modern Indian Language 9415408476
  Head, Department of Home Science 9451388135
  Head, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication 9451388135
  Head, Department of Jyotir Vigyan 9451388135
  Head, Department of Library and Information Science 9335955526
  Head, Department of Linguistics 9335151453

  Head, Department of Medieval And Modern Indian History 7054938074
  Head, Department of Oriental Studies In Arabic And Persian 9451388135
  Head, Department of Oriental Studies In Sanskrit 9451388135
  Head, Department of Persian 9839472339
  Head, Department of Philosophy 9838607000,

  Head, Department of Physical Education 9453020000
  Head, Department of Political Science 7991200637
  Head, Department of Psychology 8960000860
  Head, Department of Public Administration 9450759302,
  Head, Department of Sanskrit And Prakrit Language 9451388135
  Head, Department of Social Work 9415330895
  Head, Department of Sociology 9415014116,

  Head, Department of Urdu 9451388135
  Head, Department of Western History 9415999064
S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Head, Department of Applied Economics

  Head, Department of Business Administration 9415234032
  Head, Department of Commerce 9453024425

S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Head, Department of Education  7991200752,
S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Dean, Faculty of Fine Art 7991200659
S.No. Contact Phone Email
  Head, Department of Law 9415578603

S.No. Contact Phone Email
Head, Department of Biochemistry 9839909739
Head, Department of Botany 7991200650
Head, Department of Computer Science 9415159146
  Head, Department of Chemistry 7991200646

  Head, Department of Geology 9839065737
  Head, Department of Mathematics and Astronomy 7991200647

  Head, Department of Physics 9415003998
  Head, Department of Statistics 9415101332,
  Head, Department of Zoology 9415301390,
S.No. Contact Phone Email
Chairman, Lucknow University Athletic Association 9453020000
Chairperson, Internal Complaints Committee 9415408476
Chief Provost 9450931858
  Coordinator, Alumni Foundation 9839909739
  Coordinator, National Service Scheme 9453020000
  Coordinator, RUSA 9450561571
  Coordinator, University Admissions 7991205008
  Director Sanskritiki (Cultural Cell of University of Lucknow) 9454323847
  Director, Central Placement Cell 9454323847
Director, Human Resource Development Centre 9415004600
Director, Information Publication and Public Relations 9450411622
Director, IQAC 9415234032
Director, Legal Cell 9415790910
Director, NAAC Cell 9415234032
Director, Second Campus 7991205006
Director, University Data Resource Centre 7991200541
Director, Womens Development Centre 9839128864
Honorary Librarian, Tagore Library 9450561571
In charge, Central Facility for Computational Research 9415006008
In-charge, Cooperative Lending Library 9728175877
In-charge, Gas & Distilled Water 9415408635
In-Charge, Lucknow University Guest House 9415330895
International Student Advisor, Indian Council for Cultural Relations 9415159137
Nodal Officer, Board of Governors & Project Monitoring Unit, National Higher Education Mission 9415000687
Superintendent of Works 9415105062
Superintendent, Garden and Grounds 9335905815
Vice-Chairman, Delegacy 9415105062
Incharge, Lucknow University Computer Centre (LUCC) &
Incharge, DTP Centre