Environment Sustainability Policy


The University of Lucknow is fully committed to adhere to the principles of protection of environment and Sustainability. The University also ensures that its functions and routine acts does affect environment positively. Since its inception the University has shown its commitment and liability towards the protection of the environment at the level best and that is why the campus is Green and Clean with beautiful landscapes and variety of trees. To enhance the needs of rational environmental lex, the University is also entrusted to Environmental Compliance improvement and to achieve this, it has the following objectives:
  1.  Try to affix environmental concerns into all accordant dimensions of the teaching as well as research in the University.
  2. To collaborate with regional, national and other agencies, encourage and elongate consciousness of benign environmental disposition policies and customs among teachers, students, staff as well as among other stakeholders throughout the University.
  3. To encourage to buy up policy which approbate those goods and services which lead to less damage to the environment.
  4. To extenuate the consummation of basic natural resources like petroleum products, water and energy as well as to insist more on the use of energy saving, low carbon measures, recyclable products and renewables (Solar energy, use of LED bulbs, power efficient equipment).
  5. To execute good protracted waste management strategies to extenuate gross waste generation and to increase recycling and reuse of waste product (paper and stationary waste)
  6. To restrict emission of carbon dioxide and control pollution, restricted entry of automobiles in the campus
  7. To ensure maintenance of lush green campus. For this the University encourages use of bicycles, battery powered vehicles, pedestrian path ways, ban on use of plastic in the campus, landscaping with trees and plants.
  8. To develop and maintain water conservation facility in university through Rain water harvesting, borewell/ open well recharge, maintenance of water bodies.
  9. To  formulate    and    ensure    effective    implementation    of    E-waste    management    policy


For effective implementation of environmental policy University of Lucknow has formulated clear lines of responsibility at administrative level. Environment protection board is responsible for the management of waste and protection of environment throughout the university. Its functions are: 
  1. To formulate environmental policy for university.
  2. Ban on cutting of tress, exceptions allowed only after approval of board in writing.
  3. Effective implementation of environmental policy by means of audit and monitoring.
  4. Initiation of appropriate actions in case of non - adherence to environmental norms
  5. Continuous review of effectiveness of existing environmental policies. 


  1. The Vice-Chancellor shall have the overall responsibility to council for environmental affairs at the university. In this position the VC or his nominee acts as chair of the environment protection board.
  2. The board shall constitute of five members nominated by the Vice- Chancellor.
  3. The term of the members shall be of three years.The previous Committee will continue till the new Committee is constituted. If any member of the committee retires or resigns, the Vice Chancellor may nominate the new member. The University should ensure that the new Committee is constituted latest by 20th August every year.


The policy shall be reviewed after every five years or earlier, as need arises.