Events under Counselling and Guidance Cell

S.No Title of the Event Date Department View Detils
  “Job Opportunities in Persian in Language” 11/10/2021 Department of Persian View
  “The Social Media Dilemma” 10/10/2021 Matri Bodh Pariwar & CGC View
  “Positive Mental Health” 09/10/2021 Department of Urdu View
  “From Happiness to Success” 08/10/2021 Department of Business Administration View
  “Career Resilience” 06/10/2021 Department of Psychology View
    “Students Anxiety”  26/09/2021   Public Administration View
  “A Mental Health– A Brief Overview” 31/07/2021 Department of Physical Education View
  “Career Opportun ities in European History” 31/07/2021 Department of Western History View
  “Mental Stressand anxietamong youth in the post covid term" 27/07/2021 Department of Western History View
  "Dream it. Achieve it" 22/07/2021 Department of Statistics View
  “Protection of Mental Health of Students in Such Turbulent Times” 19/07/2021 Department of Chemistry
  “Yoga and Mental Peace” 17/07/2021 Faculty of Yoga & Alternative Medicine View
  “Role of Nutrients in the Develop ment of Cognitiv e Function” 17/07/2021 Institute of Food Processing and Technology (IFPT) View
  “Life Skills and Career Growth” “Developing Resilient Future Employees” 13/07/21       14/07/21 Deptt. Of Applied Science & Humanities and Deptt. Of Mechanical Engineering Deptt. Of Applied Science & Humanities and Deptt. Of Mechanical Engineering View
  “Anxiety as an urban phenomenon” “self awareness and personal growth” 12/07/2021   13/07/2021 Department of electronics and computer engineering Department of electrical engineering View
  Being Future Ready for Post Covid Career Scenario 10.07.2021 Deptt of Civil Engineering and Deptt of Computer Science and Engineering View
  “Stress Management ” 09/07/2021 Department of Commerce View
  “Career Opportunities in Financial Markets” 08/07/2021 Department of Applied Economics View
  “New challenges & Avenues in photography” & “Career Advancement in Advertising Industry” 07/07/2021 College of Arts and Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts View
  “How To Face An Interview” 06/07/2021 Department of Sociology View
  “Stress Can be Good Too” 06/07/2021 Department of Urdu View
  “Substance Abuse and Mental Hygiene” 05/07/2021 Department of Social Work View
  “Subconscius Mind and Welfare” 04/07/2021 Department of Psychology View
  “Time Management” 02/07/2021 Department of Persian View
  “Attitude Determines Your Altitude” 01/07/2021 Department of Oriental Studies in Arabic & Persian View
  “Understandi ng Uncertainty” 30/06/2021 Department    of Biochemistry
  “Selection of a Career “ 30/06/2021 Department of Defence View
  “Introducing Monuments of Medieval India” 29/06/2021 Institute of TourismStudies, View
  “ Tourism and History- New Career Perspective” 29/06/2021 Department of Medieval and Modern History View
  “Train Your Mind By Increasing Awareness” 29/06/2021 Department of Linguistic View
  “Know about yourself and your noble profession” 28/06/2021 Department of Library and Information Science View
  “Job opportunities in Jyotirvigyan” 28/06/2021 Department of Jyotirvigyan View
  “Mathematics in Daily Life” & “Mathematics and Opportunities” 25/06/2021 Department of Mathematics and Astronomy
  “Dream Big- Career Prospectwith Botany” 25/06/2021 Department of Botany
  “Ventout- A Space To Be You” 24/06/2021 Department of Political Science View
  “Opportunities in Earth Sciences” 24/06/2021 Center of Advance Study in Geology View
  "Dream it Achieve it" 23/06/2021 Department of English and Modern European Languages View
  “Mental Health Awareness” 23/06/2021 Department of Philosophy View
  "Dream it. Achieve it" 22/06/2021 Department of Ancient History & Archeology View
  “Happiness and Wellbeing; Need of The Hour” 20/06/2021 Department of Education View
  “Mission NET/JRF /Career Opportuniti es in Economics” 18/06/2021 Department of Economics View
  "Online Learning" 17/06/2021 Department of Physics View

“Managemen t of Anxiety Uncertainty and Fear in Students”

17/06/2021 Department of Business Administration View
  “AJourney to Success” 16/06/2021 Public Administattion & Counselli ng Guidance Cell (Annual Inauguration Ceremony) View
  "Hindi Me Rojgaar Ki Sambhawana" 16/06/2021 Department of Hindi View
  Career Perspectiveof Public Policy” 16/06/2021 Public Administration View