ONGC Centre of Advanced Studies

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The ONGC Centre of Advanced Studies was set-up in the University of Lucknow during 2017 and an Agreement/ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the ONGC Foundation, New Delhi and the University of Lucknow, Lucknow.  As per the agreement following Institutes were established in the ONGC Centre of Advanced Studies (OCAS). The purpose of establishing this centre was to undertake advanced research, provide high quality training and develop globally competitive training and research in multi-disciplinary areas and to have a strong collaboration with different departments of the University of Lucknow as well as other institutions outside the University for conducting interdisciplinary research and imparting education and training to students, teachers and researchers. 


  • Advance Research: To conduct advance research in identified areas.
  • Human Resource Generation: To Conduct short term and long term training in identified areas to create professionals suitable for the global research environment.


The OCAS centre is actively involved in carrying out advance level of research and training to bring out excellence in multi-disciplinary areas as follows:
  • Imparting high quality training and undertakeing advanced research in multidisciplinary areas in a globally competitive manner.
  • Facilitating training programmes with a view to disseminate contemporary knowledge in the identified areas and development of contemporary skills.
  • Monitoring the ongoing global changes and developments with a view to incorporate the best practices.
  • Developing trained human resource.
  • Interaction and linkages with industries and international organizations
  • Collaboration with various departments of the University as well as those outside University, on the basis of their potential, capabilities and achievements.
  • Undertaking consultancy services in research, education, training, solution development.
  • Developing economic outreach for need based industries at national and international levels.



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Professor M. Rajeev Manohar
Honorary Director
ONGC Centre of Advanced Studies (OCAS)
University of Lucknow, Lucknow-226007, India