Our Pupils’ Day

Our Pupils’ Day – A Student OPD Program

The University of Lucknow has launched the Our Pupils’ Day” – A student “OPD” for the benefit of students on March 6, 2020. Under the “Student OPD” programme, the following activities will be carried out
  1. Each faculty member (teachers of all cadres) would be required to exclusively set aside one hour in a week for the departmental students.
  2. The OPD schedule of each department would be put up on notice boards as well as on the departmental page of the university website.
  3. In departments with more than 06 faculty members, multiple faculties can schedule their OPD hour in a day.
  4. In departments with less than 6 members, the number of OPD days in a week will equal the number of faculty.
  5. The faculty will have to ensure their presence during the OPD hour to the exclusion of all other commitments.
  6. The faculties are expected to sensitively address the concerns and queries of the students and provide requisite guidance.

Launch of Our Pupils’ Day – A student “OPD” Programme