Student Welfare Fund

Details of Scholarship Schemes under Student Welfare Fund 

The Student Welfare Fund(SWF) would be used for the following two schemes for the welfare of students. Detailed guidelines of these two schemes are attached.

Chhatra Kalyan Scholarship

  1. Chhatra Kalyan Scholarship (Click for Details)
  2. Karmyogi Scheme (Click for Details)

 Source of the Fund:

The sources of the Student Welfare Fund(SWF) are:

  • Annual contribution from each student.
  • Special fines paid by the students.
  • Late fee received from the students.
  • Voluntary contribution from the students.
  • Voluntary contribution from other sources/ persons.

As per old guidelines, this fund is used to provide financial aid upto maximum Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) or actual fee, whichever is less.


All types of assistance out of the Student Welfare Fund(SWF) shall be subject to the consideration and decision of the Committee, which would consists of:-

  • Dean, Student Welfare(Chairperson)
  • Dean, Academic Cell
  • Chief Proctor
  • One Professor to be nominated by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.
  • One Student to be nominated by the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.

The Committee shall discuss and decide upon the applications submitted by the students seeking financial support under Chhatra Kalyan Scholarship and Karmyogi Yojana schemes.


 A student would be eligible for the afore-mentioned schemes, if

  • The total income of his/her parents or guardians does not exceed Rs. 3 Lakh per annum. For this purpose, applicant would have to produce an income certificate issued by the Tehsildar/competent authority.
  • Have clearly passed the previous semester or annual examination or is eligible for the back paper.
  • Is enrolled for the regular or self finance courses of the university.
  • Has passed with minimum 60% marks in the previous examination.
  • Should have atleast 75% attendance in the previous academic semester/year.
  • Should not have been involved in any unlawful activities. (A certificate issued from the Proctor office should be enclosed with the application).
  • He/She is not receiving any kind of financial assistance including fellowship/scholarship shall not be eligible for this support.

Rules governing Dispersal from the SWF: 

  • Disbursement from the SWFwould subject to the approval and financial sanction of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.
  • The SWFwould be used strictly for the assistance and aid to the needy students. No payment from this fund would be permitted for any other cause.
  • False claims/information furnished by the candidatewould make him/her liable for refund of the entire amount of assistance provided out of the SWF.
  • 80% of the SWF per academic year would be used for providing aid under the afore mentioned scheme and the remaining 20% would be dispersed to needy students as per the discretion of the Vice Chancellor.