The Tree Programme

TREE (Teaching, Reaching, Emboldening, Evolving) A Mentor - Mentee Programme

TREE programme aims to utilize the academic and life experience of faculty to nurture, empower and abet students in their transition from students to successful confident citizens. Under TREE, each faculty would be expected to

  1. Mentor a set of post graduate students from their own department from entrance to exit.
  2. The responsibilities of the mentor will be to
    1. Listen, learn and respond to difficulties faced by the students in their curricular, extracurricular as well as personal lives.
    2. Guide both academically and socially.
    3. Ensure the facilitation of untapped as well as tapped potential
    4. Work as an anchor to their mentees
  3. Train them into responsible, confident, successful individuals.

Launching of TREE (Teaching, Reaching, Emboldening, Evolving) - a Mentor-Mentee Programme