Central Facility For Computational Research

In Charge
Prof. Anil Mishra
Department of Chemistry
University of Lucknow
Lucknow 226007
Mobile: 9415006008
Email: mishraanil101@hotmail.com


A Central Facility for Computational Research (CFCR) (Computer Cluster) has been established from the funds received from the University Grants Commission, New Delhi under the scheme additional assistance to Universities covered under section 12(B) of the UGC Act 1956. This facility is located in a room on the first floor of the new building of the Department of Chemistry, University of Lucknow. Prof. Anil Mishra of the Department of Chemistry is the In-Charge of this facility and is looking after its running and maintenance.

The server has been named Krishna and facility was inaugurated by Dr. S.B. Nimse, Vice Chancellor, University of Lucknow on September 12, 2013.

About the CFCR Clusters

The CFCR Computer cluster contains one master node and five compute nodes. Each node consists of 16 processors making a total of 96 cores. The softwares that are currently installed are Gaussian 09, MATLAB and Mathematica.

Gaussian 09 and Gauss view along with LINDA has been installed. There is a site license available for Gaussian 09 and Gauss view. These would work on LINUX redhat on an intel machine and can be installed through out the University of Lucknow LAN network.

Mathematica has two licenses, The LINUX license has been installed on the server. The windows version is available in an isolated terminal within the facility.

MATLAB has been installed. MATLAB has five licenses which can be installed on any number of systems on the University LAN network but only five users can use it at any given time.
Chembiodraw 13 is available in one of the local terminals.

Access to the cluster

The privilege of access to the Central Facility for Computational Research (CFCR) is by request only. Login credentials would be provided to the faculty members only. Research students have to use the login credentials of their research supervisors. Requests may be sent to the In-charge of the Facility by writing on the prescribed form. The request form and detailed guidelines are available on the Krishna CFCR portal under the link downloads which can be accessed by logging on the IP “” within the University of Lucknow LAN network. Requests should include the reason for the request, including the department and the type of research and the type of computation to be run on the cluster. This does not need to be described in great detail, but if it appears that user needs will be better met on a multi-CPU shared-memory system the person making the request may be directed appropriately.

Managing Team

Dr. Joy Sarkar
Department of Chemistry
University of Lucknow
Lucknow 226007
Mobile: 9415408635
Email: dr.joysarkar4@gmail.com
Dr. Alka Misra
Department of Mathematics & Astronomy
University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007
Mobile: 9415580700
Email: alkamisra99@gmail.com
Dr. Ravi Shankar Gupta
Department of Chemistry
University of Lucknow
Lucknow 226007
Mobile: 9450366236
Email: drravishankergupta@gmail.com