The Academic Council shall have the following powers namely.

The control and manage the University Library or Libraries, to frame Regulations regarding their use, and to appoint a Library Committee under the general control of the Academic Council to manage the affairs of the Library.

  • The Library Committee shall consist of the following
    • The Deans of the Faculties
    • The Heads of Departments
    • One member elected by the Academic Council
    • One student representative from each faculty
    • Two student representatives from the Department of Library and Information Science
    • The Librarian (Convener)
  • The Library Committee shall meet once a term. All orders for books should be placed with the Librarian by the 15th of each month. A special meeting of the Committee may be called by the Librarian when required.
  • The Library Committee shall manage the affairs of the Library and be responsible for :-
    • The scrutiny of the suggestion for orders.
    • The purchase of books and periodicals.
    • The up-keep of the Library.
    • The preparation of the annual estimates for the Library.
    • The disbursement of the grants allotted for the Library and the allotted of the Library grant to the different Departments on the recommendation of the Dean who will consult the Heads of Departments.
    • The enforcement of the Library Rules.
    • The control and discipline of the Library staff.