Sports and Games are essential components, which help in building up a healthy intellectual life. The University has a well-equipped "Sir Maharaj Singh Gymnasium" in the Main Campus with thirty-five exercise machines for the students who aspire for physical well being. The Second Campus too has a well-equipped gymnasium. Separate time slots have been assigned to male students, female students, teachers and staff for maximizing the utility of the gymnasia. Stimulating activity in the gymnasia teaches valuable physical skills, sets a pattern of lifelong fitness and helps students socially from their experiences.

Raja Sir Maharaj Singh Ex-Vice-Chancellor of the Lucknow University was a great Patron and lover of sports and games and had donated several Trophies to the various Clubs of the Athletic Association. This has helped to create awakening among young athletes.

The gymnasia provide students with physical exercise consistently. It is particularly important for the physical well-being of students who have set aside physical activities after their school days. A gymnasia workout features activities that raise the heart rate, increase the pulse rate and rev up metabolism. The physical exertion also helps condition the mind, as students will realise they can think more clearly and can focus better in their studies following a good workout. Besides, the development of physical skills increases the self-esteem of individuals.

The physical exertion involved in the gymnasium results in endorphin production in the brain. Endorphins are the "feel good" hormones that improve mood and outlook. Students who engage in robust gym activity benefit from the release of endorphins. The physical activity becomes fun. The endorphins' effects allow students to proceed to their class feeling cheerful, relaxed and ready to focus on learning new ideas.

Contact Persons

Prof. Rupesh Kumar

Chairman, Athletic Association, University of Lucknow

Phone No. +91-9453020000

Dr. Rahul Pandey

General Secretary, Athletic Association, University of Lucknow

Phone No. +91-9454171634