Health & Medical Centre

In-house medical facilities in the form of a Dispensary have been part of the University of Lucknow from the very beginning. In 2001 the services and ambit of the Dispensary were extended. The Dispensary provides facilities of free checkup and medicines to the staff and students. The dispensary has setups in both the Old Campus as well as Second Campus (at Jankipuram). The University is looking forward to enlarge the scope of the Dispensary further in order to provide more facilities. A full fledged Healthcare Centre is expected to be functional soon. The University also has an ambulance stationed at the Old Campus.

  • Dr B.B. Mishra, M.D.Dr B.B. Mishra, M.D.
    Phone: 9450367312
  • Dr Mukul Chandra, M.SDr Mukul Chandra, M.S.
    Phone: 9839608851
  • Dr Praveen Singh, B.H.M.S.Dr Praveen Singh, B.H.M.S.
    Phone: 9450866013