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The maintenance of a good library is a sin qua non for any progressive university, therefore, the then Canning College Library was converted into the University Central Library and thus the Tagore Library, the Central Library of the University of Lucknow came into existence with the establishment of the Lucknow University late in the year 1920.

Initially, Tagore Library was located in the old Bennet Hall and rooms between the verandha on the South – Western side of main Canning College building (now Faculty of Arts, main building). In 1924, the Library building was expanded with the inclusion of a separate Reading Room.

Mr WB Griffin

The plan of the new building for the library was prepared by Mr. Griffin, a noted architect and was explained in detail to the members of the Library Committee on December 10, 1935. The model for the two storied building was placed in the old library for the students and staff to make any suggestions for improvement or innovation in the plan. However, there was inordinate delay in approving the plan, which has sailed in rough weather for some time. The main architect Mr. Griffin died in the meantime.

Foundation stone of the new building (present building) was laid by the then Chancellor Sir Harry Haig in March 1937, but the start of construction work took quite some time. After the death of main architect Mr. Griffin, Mr. Narwekar was assigned the responsibility for the architectural portion and supervision of the work on payment of a sum of Rs. 2000/-. A sum of Rs. 1,50,000/- had been set apart for its construction by the University. It took a couple of years in completion of the building.

The Chancellor – Governor Sir M. Hallet, opened the new library building (the present library building) on April, 2nd 1941. While inaugurating the new building Sir M. Hallet referred to the great importance of a library in a modern University life as well as in National life.

Later on, the present library building was extended and the extended portion was inaugurated during the Golden Jubilee Function of the University on 9th March 1972, by the then President of India Sri V.V. Giri.


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S.N Name Period Remarks
  Major T.F. O’Donnell 1921-25  
  Prof. Wali Mohammad 1926-41  
  Prof. Radha Kamal Mukherjee 1941-45 Former VC
  Prof. Kali Prasad 1945-60 Former VC
  Prof. A.B.Rao 1960-61 Former VC
  Prof. P.N. Sharma 1961-67  
  Prof. Baljit Singh 1967-70  
  Prof. P.N. Masaldan 1970-72  
  Prof. R.P. Agarwal 1972-85 Former VC
  Prof. R.Awasthi 1985-88  
  Prof. Gopala Sarana 1988-92  
  Prof. I.B.Singh 1992-96  
  Prof. H.N. Verma 1996-96  
  Prof. P.C. Misra 1996-2001  
  Prof. R.B.S. Verma 2001-2005  
  Prof. Aqil Ahmad May 2005-March 2010  
  Prof. Nirupama Agarwal March 2010-August 21, 2010  
  Prof. Moraddhwaj Varma September 8, 2010 November 6, 2012  
  Prof. Aroop Chakravarti November 7, 2012 - September 7, 2018  
Prof. Naveen K Khare September 7, 2018 - February 7, 2020
Prof. Kamal Kumar February 7, 2020 - February 16, 2022
Prof. D.K. Singh 2022-23