Indoor Sports Facilities

Participation in sports brings students together, irrespective of their varying backgrounds. It opens the minds of students and makes them susceptible to new ideas. Students consciously or unconsciously let go of mental hurdles and become open to learning. Sporting activities provide mental and physical therapy for learners and rejuvenate them so that they can be in their best mental and physical condition. Besides, sports fosters the spirit of competition amongst learners and enhances the spirit of winning as the learners are driven by the spirit to win in any sport. It also teaches them sportsman spirit.

Both, the old campus as well as the second campus of the University have adequate facilities for indoor games like badminton, table tennis, chess, karate, judo and taekwondo. These in-house sports facilities for students provide them with an opportunity to develop their abilities, willpower and self-discipline.

Each game has a Club, headed by a President from the teaching community, who is responsible for regularly organizing competitions within the campus, intercollegiate competitions as well as selecting the University team for participation in State and National level sports competitions. Besides, there is a committed female President for female students, with a special responsibility to encourage a sporting culture among them.

S. No. Name Department Designation Mobile Number
  Prof. Balak Das Physics Chairman, LUAA 9415375890
  Dr. Desh Deepak Chemistry General Secretary 9454856373
  Dr. Rajendra Kumar Verma Philosophy Treasurer 9452128378
  Dr. Gauri Botany President-Ladies Club 9415182051
  Prof. D.K. Singh Social Work President- Gymnastics Club 9415105062
  Dr. S. G. N. Ahmad Persian President, Chess Club 9839472339
  Dr. O.P Shukla Defence Studies President, Judo & Taekwondo Club 9450645858
  Dr. Anita Kanaujia Fine Art President, Yoga Club 9628606848