Vision and Mission Statement


“To develop human resource for furtherance of knowledge through teaching, research and innovation and to rank amongst the top educational institutions of the world for better service to humanity in general and our nation in particular.”


“To be a university driven by values enriched with diverse cultures and promote economic, social and spiritual advancement for an egalitarian society.”

Institutional Development Plan

The core purpose of the University is to contribute in transforming society for a better future. It stands for academic excellence and integrity. It is expected to maintain the highest ethical standards, be socially responsible, and accountable to the Vision and the Mission of the University of Lucknow. To achieve these objectives, the University has devised its strategic plan.

The Strategic Plan of the University of Lucknow is divided under three heads: Academic, Administrative, and Infrastructure. It is a set of priorities for the institution and its academic and administrative units. The document has been prepared after extensive deliberations with the functional heads of the institution.  The plan intends to connect its various departments and operational units to steer the institution towards the achieving its goals, and fulfilling the needs of the region. 


Short Term Goals

  • Introduction of the Choice Based Credit system
  • Introduction of the Semester System.
  • Recruitment of Faculty
  • Inspiring Faculty to align towards state of the art teaching delivery
  • Making value addition to academic delivery through add-on courses e.g. B. Voc course
  • Adding new academic units in line with the GOI’s educational objectives-Institute for vocational Studies (Kaushal Kendra)
  • Standardization of Examination system with quality initiatives such as use of OMR sheets
  • Development of Question Banks Providing Model Answers Innovation center

Mid Term Goals

  • To create at least 16% new teaching vacancies
  • Filling up of remaining faculty positions
  • Add at least 20 Adjunct Teaching positions,
  • Recharge and inspire Faculty
  • Upgrade curriculum in line with internationals requirements
  • Create interdisciplinary centers of learning
  • Target enhanced research funding by at least 100% increase
  • Aim to enhance Chairs of learning in different subjects
  • Establish incubation center
  • Establish MDP Center
  • Develop 1 centre of innovation in each faculty
  • Work towards enhancing GER of the state of Uttar Pradesh to 30%

Long Term Goals

  • Establishing 3 Chairs
  • International Center for student and faculty collaboration
  • Develop 2 centers of innovation in each faculty
  • Enhance the research funding by 200%


Short Term Goals

  • Upgradation of Networking and wire less networking
  • Automation – Online availability of Student information
  • Website updating
  • Online process for faculty position
  • Decentralization of administrative and financial powers
  • Department wise Budgeting and display of funds / UC on website
  • Library Automation and Digitization
  • Availability of E resources.
  • Development of Museum (paintings, Manuscripts etc.)
  • Web enabled Modern Class rooms with audio visual facility and interactive boards
  • Renovation of Laboratories.
  • Counselling & Placement cell
  • Development of Parking lots for green campus
  • Solar light Systems.
  • Renovation of Roads/ Sewage Systems
  • More residences for Class III & IV Employees

Mid Term Goals

  • Work towards making the working paper less upto 70%
  • Devolve Financial powers to HODs and Deans
  • Automation of Administrative and Financial offices
  • To tap at least 25 new alumni every year for resource generation.
  • 50 MOUs to be established by 2025
  • Funding from Industry to the tune of Rs. 25 crore

Long Term Goals

  • Paperless office
  • Enhanced financial powers to HODs and Deans
  • Automation of Administrative and Financial offices
  • To tap at least 25 new alumni every year for resource generation.
  • 100 MOUs to be established by 2030 for funding from Industry to the tune of Rs. 50 crore


Mid Term Goals

  • Library Automation
  • Renovation of Roads/Sewage Systems/Class III & IV Employees residences
  • Teaching & Non Teaching Residences
  • Developing Language lab.
  • Developing campus comparable to world class universities.
  • Develop Multidisciplinary Research centre by 2024.
  • Develop 3 sustainable development programmes

Long Term Goals

  • Renovation of Roads/ Sewage Systems/
  • Class III & IV Employees residences
  • Teaching & Non Teaching Residences(Multi story Complex)
  • Administrative complex
  • Augmentation
  • Trifurcation of Arts
  • Developing campus comparable to any world class universities.
  • Develop 5 extension programmes
  • Involving public and community