Yoga Centre

An OPD named the Yoga Centre is attached with the Institute for Human Consciousness and Yogic Sciences. It caters to the teachers and students of the University. This Yoga Centre conducts workshops and organises therapeutic health camps related to Yoga and Meditation. It also conducts free yoga sessions for the students and teachers of the campus. During the yoga sessions, the experts deliver discourses, teach meditation and conduct question-answer sessions with the attendees. The centre also hosts annual and other festivals related to Yoga. The OPD also houses a naturopathy centre. The students learn not just Yoga, but also the message of world peace, which is the crux of the ancient yogic knowledge focussed on health, peace and self-realization for all.

Contact Persons:

Prof. Raj Kumar Singh, Department of Social Work
Phone No: 9415545453

Dr Amarjeet Yadav, Department of Social Work
Phone No: 9415774470