Office for International Affairs

Prof R P Singh
Director International Collaborations and International Students Advisor
 Professor of English
Department of English and Modern European Languages
University of Lucknow
Lucknow - 226007
Phone: +91-9415159137

Role  of the Office for International Affairs

  1. To coordinate all matters relating to welcoming and supporting foreign students
  2. To disseminate information related to information process among prospective foreign students
  3. To engage in promotional activities and brand building campaign abroad
  4. Single Point contact for carrying out all collaborative activities with foreign institutions
  5. Act as a liaison body between the foreign students and the sponsoring agency
  6. To address the grievances of foreign students in all matters
  7. Single point contact for registration with FRRO/e-FRRO
  8. To facilitate networking with fellow students
  9. To extend all possible help to the foreign students to adapt to the new cultural environment and make their stay in India comfortable and enriching.
  10. To update the prospective International students with the facilities provided by the government, and to assist the students in availing study visa etc.
  11. To invent and look for academic collaborations and research prospects and related activities or any other initiative, regarding India Study activities as decided by the University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Since international students must register in FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Officer) before the lapse of 14 days at arrival in India, who will provide the documents needed?

Answer:  The required documents such as and Bonafide Certificate, Form S  number, and Form C Certificate (if the student is staying in the university’s hostel) shall be provided by the university. The student shall receive these from the International Students Advisor.

Question: Whether the international student who pursues Ph.D. has to contact the professor to be a supervisor before course work is started?

Answer: There is no such requirement for deciding the supervisor before the course work. The student may contact the prospective supervisor during course work. The student is assigned a Ph.D. supervisor after completing the course work.

Question: Does English become a medium of instruction?

Answer:  Yes

Question: Does the University offer hostel facility?

Answer:  Yes

Question: Is there any medical facility /doctor on campus?

Answer:  Yes .