Major Research Areas in Faculty of Fine Arts

 The thrust areas are:
  • Impact of various artists on contemporary practicing artists
  • Importance of Art movements in world art history
  • Role of methods and materials in Printmaking
  • Dying methods in Printmaking and its importance in present context
  • Essentials of contemporary ways of doing art works in given time and space
  • Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history
  • Role of technology and internet for modern trends in visual art
  • Challenges for Creativity in contemporary times as visual artists.
  • Impacts and Role of social media in concept development in visual language for student from rural and urban setups.
  • Study the processes and effects through updated technology for the use in present scenario
  • Impacts of Art Houses and Galleries for young and upcoming artists in the country.
  • Studying and understanding the concept development in visual art through society and history
  • Art as social tool and its impacts on society
  • Understanding various forms of traditional and tribal art in India and abroad
  • A study modern art in India and abroad
  • Elements of visual arts and their application in visual language
  • Traditional methods in Printmaking and its impact on digital Printmaking
  • Elements of Printmaking : Line, Form, Colour, Space, Texture and its role in Printmaking